Products and Services

We offer a wide range of products and services including wild game processing, in-shop products such as steaks and roasts, and bulk family packs! If you have a question about what we can help you with, contact us!

Deer Processing

Wild-Game Processing

We can process various types of venison, wild hog and more. We’ve even processed wildebeest and bear! Offering sausage, hamburger, jerky, cutlets and much more!

In-House Products

We offer steaks, roasts, jerky, briskets, porkchops, cheeses, seasonings and much more. Come check out our aisle in the store! If you’re looking for raw meat such as steaks, visit the drop-down menu on our home page.

Family Packs

Are you looking to order in bulk? We offer family packs that have a large amount of different types of meats to stock your freezer! There are 5 different packages, all of which can be semi-customized and edited just for you!

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